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July 3, 2018

How To Accommodate To Your Guests Dietary Needs

wedding table setting  wedding table setting

Between the recent trends in veganism, going gluten free and just a plain old peanut allergy, planning a menu for a wedding can be tricky! Its rude to not to offer something everyone can enjoy, but its next to impossible to adhere to each individuals unique needs. Which is why we’ve got a few tips to help you plan with your guests’ dietary restrictions!

Ask the professionals

First things first, talk to your caterers. They are the professionals in this field so they should have a plan set in place to make sure no one ends up in the hospital the night of your wedding! Ask them about their experience with dietary restrictions and what they’ve done for previous clients. When you know what allergies you’re working with, let them know asap so they can work on a game plan for you!

Ask your guests on rsvp

This is going to be the simplest way to make sure you know who needs what. Add a line on your RSVP card for guests to add in any restrictions for safe measure. This also puts the responsibility on them! You may not have been informed that your aunt went gluten free last month. once you gather all your RSVPs you can get a better picture about the type of special menu items your caterer needs to cultivate.

wedding menu  fruit and cheese plate

Separate and label

If you aren’t having a sit down dinner, this one is especially important. Keep everything in a separate tray or contain to deter any cross contamination. For anyone who has Celiac disease (gluten allergy) this is important. Have a label for each item that includes any allergy information for your guests to avoid!

Don’t over extend yourself

As I mentioned before, its impossible to craft individual meals for each of your loved ones. Taking these steps to accommodate those that have dietary restrictions shows you’re trying to be thoughtful. Don’t stress too much about this step. Ultimately it is your wedding, and if you want peanut butter wedding cake, then you should have it!

Photos by Joel Serrato

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