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Wedding Spotlight

February 12, 2019

This Groom Had One Request For Their Wedding. Read What Happened When He Didn’t Get It

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Bride’s Names, Age, Job and where she lives:

Bethany Carnes, 25, Chemical Engineer. I have lived in Baton Rouge, LA for the past 3.5 years, but I am originally from Whitesburg, Georgia.

Groom’s Name, Age, Job and where he lives:

Jacob Heglar, 25, Mechanical Engineer. We work at competing oil companies lol Jacob has lived in Baton Rouge for the past 3 years, but is originally from Knoxville, TN. GO VOLS!

How you two met:

I went to Georgia Tech for college, and Jacob went to the University of Tennessee. One spring, we both ended up interning for a company up in East Tennessee, and that’s how we met!

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What was your first impression of each other?:

It was not love at first sight, that’s for sure! Jacob thought I was a gigantic nerd and that I took things too seriously, and I thought he was a class clown that didn’t know when to be serious. The more we got to know each other, the more we balanced each other out.

When did each of you know you were in love?:

Jacob knew he was in love first. After he graduated from college, he found a job down in Baton Rouge (where I already was for work) and moved down. Being in Baton Rouge together was the first time since that internship in college that we were living in the same city. Once he moved down to Baton Rouge, that’s when I truly fell in love with him and knew he was the man I wanted to marry.

tent wedding

How did the proposal happen?:

We took a trip to Denver, CO, mainly to go to the Jason Isbell/Frank Turner concert at Red Rocks, which was a bucket list item of mine. One day on the trip, we decided to go up to Boulder and go hiking for the day. We hiked Lake Isabelle, and when we got to the top of the hike, we were the only ones around, and Jacob got down on one knee and asked me to be with him forever! I found out after this that the week before when he was in Atlanta for the Tennesee game, he had snuck down to my home town and asked for my parents blessing. He then took my mom with him to pick out the ring! It makes it that much more special knowing how involved they were in the whole process.

Style of the wedding:

Elegant, yet understated. I really wanted the natural beauty of the venue and the location to just be enhanced by the décor, not covered up. I also wanted the whole atmosphere of the wedding to be relaxed and really wanted the reception to just be a big party—none of the traditional formalities, just good fun!

Colors: Slate Blue, Navy, and Burgundy


I don’t know if this is a theme…but I wanted everything to be natural. Lots of exposed wood elements, lots of flowers, and just a ton of natural beauty. The venue itself is stunning, and I really wanted the natural beauty of everything to shine.

Anything unique happen or with decor?:

So Jacob was super easy going about the whole wedding planning process. He pretty much let me make all the decisions about décor, food, vendors, everything. His only request was that the grooms cake be a double chocolate cake with raspberry filling and a chocolate ganache icing—that’s all he wanted.

Well, my wedding cake was supposed to be delivered around 2:30pm on the day of the wedding to the venue. The lady that did our wedding cake is from the town that we got married in, and she actually lives so close to the venue that she doesn’t even charge a delivery fee. So, when she was on her way to deliver our cake, she got rear-ended. And Jacob’s grooms cake went flying and was destroyed.

And the main wedding cake was also damaged but was “salvageable”. Of course no one wanted to tell me about this right before the wedding, so everyone decided to keep it from me. My Matron of Honor called her husband and he stopped at Ingles and picked up a “Grooms Cake”. The only one that he could find that though was a plain white cake with buttercream icing, so Jacob didn’t get his cake haha

If you had to pick a favorite moment of the day what would it be?:

We have two favorites. One of mine is when I first put on my dress and revealed it to my bridesmaids. I had not told anyone any details about my dress, not the style or fit or anything. The only people that knew what it looked like were my parents because they came and helped me pick it out. So when I finally put the dress on and came out to show my bridesmaids, they all flipped out! It was such a fun moment.

Our other favorite is one we both share, and that’s when I was walking down the aisle to Jacob. We had done a first look already, which we are really glad we did because it helped get the nerves out, but there was something about walking down the aisle to marry my best friend for life. Jacob was standing there waiting for me and crying, and
it was just so special to the both of us.

bride and groom

What was the most fun part of the wedding to plan?:

Jacob loved all the food and cake tastings (obviously), but I loved planning all the little details. Like picking out the table numbers, designing the invitations, making the bar menu, getting the gifts for my parents and our bridal party. The little details were the most fun to me because I feel like those are the things that can really bring everything together.

Ceremony Site: Sweet Meadow Farm and Homeplace in Tallapoosa, GA
Reception Site: Sweet Meadow Farm and Homeplace in Tallapoosa, GA
Stationery: Unica Forma
Photographer: Ben and Colleen (www.benandcolleen.us)
Videographer: Wild Heart Visuals
Flowers: Kudzu Creative Designs
Gown: Martina Liana gown from Bustle Bridal in Baton Rouge
Hair: Brooke Weathers and Parlour 76
Make-Up: Brooke Weathers and Parlour 76
Veil: Bustle Bridal in Baton Rouge
Engagement & Wedding Rings: Royal Design Fine Jewelry in Atlanta
Jewelry: It was my grandmother’s Earrings and necklace
Bridesmaids Dresses: Bill Levkoff from Bridals by Lori
Menswear: Men’s Warehouse
Rentals: Weddings for You Vintage Rentals
Catering: Tulla White Cuisine & Catering
Cake: Backwoods Baker (main wedding cake) and Ingles (grooms cake lol)
Music/DJ: Complete Weddings & Events
Guests: 150
Budget: $30k

Anything else you want to share? We want to hear everything! 🙂

Something special that we did was a last dance—we did this after everyone left the venue and was lining up outside for the sparkler exit. So it was just me and Jacob in the barn by ourselves, and it was one of my favorite moments of the reception—it was the only time during the reception that people weren’t starring at us haha

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