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July 24, 2019

The Best Color Palettes for Greece Engagement Photoshoot

Nowadays, engagement session seems like a mandatory part of any wedding preparation. It is usual for Greek wedding planners like Make Happy Memories to encounter clients who prefer to include the matter of prenuptial photoshoot in the whole elopement arrangement. Aside from being a sort of memento, the images and clips produced in an engagement session can serve as a ‘trailer’ for the upcoming celebration of love. Moreover, this photoshoot can also be a medium of showing the personality, interests, or preferences of the couple.

If you’re planning a wedding in Zakynthos, Santorini, Paros or any part of Greece, you might want to consider doing your prenuptial session there as well. Shooting and filming your engagement in the Hellenic Republic will set the tone for your upcoming wedding in Greece. Besides, the various colors and wonderful settings of this country will create an exquisite backdrop for your portraits and images. If you’re looking for a blending palette to the hues of Greece, this article will enlighten you with ideas that you can get inspiration from.

surprise engagement in santorini greece

  1. Warm tones

Greece is known for being presented through its bright summer postal cards, but this country will never disappoint you in its fall season. In addition to a significantly lesser crowd of tourists, autumn is also a wonderful time for taking warm-toned portraits. Take advantage of the golden and auburn foliages by packing your bag with colors of red, orange, and yellow. These hues will produce a feeling of warmth, youthfulness, and joy for those who will witness your pictures. Just ensure that you would hire a professional photographer who can help you achieve your portrait goals.

  1. Black and Grey

If you prefer a luxurious vibe in your engagement mementos, you might want to consider using the muted palette of gray and black. Due to their elegant appeal, these two solid colors will produce an expensive and deluxe feel in your snapshots. There’s no doubt: this palette is a great representation for couples who enjoy the upscale pleasures of life.

  1. Earth Tones

If you are planning a garden or forest photoshoot, you might want to complement the greens by wearing some earthy colors. This couple who’s wearing the palette of gray, white, and cream blends pleasantly with the foliage and greenery of their backdrop. Besides, the soft texture of their clothing adds a whimsical effect on the overall vibe of their engagement photo.

  1. Red

For a fun yet sensual vibe, don’t hesitate to use the red palette in your engagement session. It might be tricky to pull off but it definitely looks great when used in the right timing and setting. For instance, rose red looks great when touched with the golden colors of the sunset and sunrise. On the other hand, a scarlet red can produce a stark yet pleasing contrast when captured in a  

  1. Minimalist Casual

If you decided to take your engagement session in an indoor setting, you might want to use some props and minimalist clothing to blend with everything. The cream and black outfit of this couple set a perfect balance with the sparkly lights of their background. Who says that simplicity is boring?

greece engagement

  1. Pink Fantasy

If you want to create an engagement session that feels like it came out of a fairy tale, you might want to consider soft and feminine colors such as pink. This light pink tutu gown adds an ethereal effect to the whole vibe of the image. This couple seems like a princess and a prince who ran away together in the name of love!


Photography by Anna Sulte

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