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January 15, 2020

The Allure of Golden Hour: Say I Do at Sunset

The Allure of Golden Hour: Say I Do at Sunset

With a magical coalescence of spectacular lighting, paint-like palette, and breathtaking ambiance, tying the knot at sundown is indeed one of the best ways to do your ceremony. There’s no doubt that an enchanting backdrop for saying I Do is created when the mighty celestial finally decided to kiss the horizon after a long day. According to JF Studio, a wedding photographer in Melbourne, a strategic vantage point is the key for pulling off an amazing sunset wedding no matter where you plan to do your ceremony. Whether it’s a wedding in Melbourne rooftops, Paris chateaus or Californian estates, your location will work as long as you choose a great viewpoint to your golden I Do’s.

If cotton candy skies and effortless romantic atmosphere seem enticing to you, a ceremony during the closing of the day might work for your fantasies. To help you decide, we listed down the top benefits of getting married to sundown’s phenomena as your natural background!

  1. Dazzling Lighting

The soft and flattering glow of the golden hour is a precious tool for wedding photographers around the world (and for a good reason)! The gentle light that ranges from reddish and pinkish to bluish and purplish yields a flattering illumination for your wedding photo shoot. For this reason, there’s no need to splurge in extra costs for artificial dramatic lighting just to get those swoon-worthy wedding shots that you’re always longing for!

  1. Gorgeous Palette

No two sunsets are the same. On some days, you’ll witness a dramatic ombre of orange, red, and pink that’s perfectly mixed. On other days, you’ll see magnificent paint-like strokes that scatter through the enormous horizon. Imagine having these exquisite light shows as your scenery while you’re exchanging your personal and sincere vows with each other. Priceless, isn’t it?

  1. Pleasant Temperature 

Aesthetic benefits aside, tying the knot during the closing of the day is also a practical choice for you and your guests! There’s no doubt that the weather is nicer during the sundown compared to other parts of the day. Since the temperature is generally cooler, you can save money on your wedding by ditching the hats, parasols, and extra industrial cooling system for your guests.

  1. Accessibility

 No matter what part of the world you currently live in, there is a plethora of amazing vantage points for your sunset ceremony! You don’t have to fly far just to secure a natural light show for your magical I Do’s. Whether you’re planning a sundown wedding in Melbourne garden, Ohio countryside, or Athens villa, the beauty of the mighty celestial is available for witnessing your special day!

  1. Symbolic Meaning


When you get married, you are closing another chapter of your life which is singlehood. As a newlywed couple, you enter another wonderful phase where you could spend the rest of your life together. So, what if you do this beautiful union in the most metaphorical way? Tying the knot at sunset is indeed a symbolic way to bid goodbye to singlehood and say hello to the wonderful journey that you’re about to take.

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