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Invitation Reveal

January 6, 2019

Formal Letterpress Suite with 20 pieces

The Couple:

How did you meet?

Haley had been studying abroad the first semester our Junior year and had been out of the country, during that time I had made friends with her sorority sisters who all shared a house (where Haley was going to move into when she returned). When she got back from Europe she broke up with her boyfriend on January 14th, 2011. I got back from Christmas vacation on January 15th, and before going back to my place stopped by the sorority house to pick something up from one of her roommates.

I walked in, and there she was, in a mid length white dress half way through a jimmy johns sandwich. Intrigued at this beautiful woman devouring a helping of Turkey Tom and chips whom I had yet to meet, I sat down to talk to her and quickly surmised that she was sad over the breakup, and I suggested that the best way to mend a broken heart was to go out and kiss a handsome fellow that night. I went home, gathered up my roommates and went to a party.

That night I turned 21 at midnight,

and right around 11pm got a text from one of Haley’s roommates, requesting I come to a bar because haley wanted to hang out with me. I replied yeah, i’d be there soon. Around 11:30: same text, same response. At 11:59, another one of her roommates texted: “Come to Skippers, Haley wants to make out with you.” 12:00: I was rapidly en route to skippers. I walked into the bar, walked up to the table, said hello to her friend on her left, said hello to her friend on her right, and without saying a word to Haley leaned across the table and kissed her. Seven years, med school, law school and five cities later, here we are.

How did the proposal happen?

We go to the nutcracker every Christmas, so he took me to my favorite restaurant prior to our annual nutcracker showing. After dinner, he had a Christmas present for me, and inside was a beautiful hand carved nutcracker that one of his friends sent him from Germany. And around its neck was the ring.

The Mood Board:

The Pre-Wedding Paper:

When you are looking for timeless wedding invitations. Or something perfect for a formal affair, these are it. Every single piece in this suite is either letterpressed or foil stamped, and it is all put together in a classy way. The bride didn’t go over the top with details, and kept everything elegant and clean.

Haley and Bryan’s Save the Dates had both burgundy and black letterpress inks and were paired with a matching merlot envelope + white addressing. The couple opted for the printed addressing on all of the envelopes for her invitations. While calligraphy is beautiful, and totally unique to each envelope, keeping the fonts consistent through each piece of your invitations provides a consistency that can’t be matched.

Their engagement party invitations included my favorite thing: blind letterpress. When dealing with blind letterpress you are still paying for two colors, even though one is blind, or inkless. That is because the cards have to be fed through the press twice, just like they would with two colors. The press doesn’t get inked for the blind impression. She paired these with the same merlot envelopes with white addressing.

The rehearsal dinner invitations and RSVPs had the same merlot letterpress ink. But, we included the vintage corner details to separate them from the rest of the cards. This part of the invitation was paired with Crane Lettra envelopes that matched the cardstock.

The Invitations:

Then you have the main invitations. There were EIGHT pieces to these bad boys. She kept the invitations very classic. Haley opted for black letterpress ink on all of the cards, as well as the outer and inner envelopes. She incorporated the merlot color with the foiled belly bands and foiled RSVP envelopes.

I absolutely love how these turned out. This classic style will never go out of style. Plus, I can’t get over the foiled belly band and RSVP envelopes. It really adds a little bit of flair to an otherwise simple and clean suite.

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