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October 23, 2018

First Child in Your Family to Get Married? Two Issues You May Have To Face

By: Kristina Phelan

The first child to get married in a family can expect some added issues. You may have an entirely different planning experience than your siblings in the future. This can have both positive and negative aspects when it comes to planning the perfect day. Be prepared for the following issues that you may face as the first child to get married in the family:

Control Issues

Sometimes it can be hard for parents to let go of the control that surrounds planning your perfect wedding. It is easy for overbearing parents to start making choices for your wedding that you never agreed to. Make sure to set boundaries with excited parents in order to include them in the planning stages of your wedding. Have a list of items that you are firm about wanting in your wedding. Then, allow others to suggest or help with other items that you don’t have that much preference on. Understand that there will be tension and arguments when mixing what everyone prefers and the high cost of weddings.


First Child in Your Family to Get Married?

If you are the first daughter to get married in a family of girls you may have to deal with extra budget constraints. Parents of brides may feel overwhelmed about having to fund so many weddings in a short amount of time. Make sure to work with within your budget and share with both sets of parents when more finances are needed. Although the cost of a wedding is traditionally the responsibility of the bride’s family, there is no reason why both sets of families shouldn’t contribute to the budget. Consider making a wedding account where parents can donate money. However, allow only the bride and groom to have access to the account for expenditures.

There is a lot of excitement surrounding the first child to get married in a family. Understand, and prepare for, issues that come up involving the budget and making decisions. Remember that everyone involved wants what is best for the bridal couple and that this is new territory for everyone. Have a plan for how to handle these issues when they arise. Be willing to compromise on things that are less important in order to have the perfect wedding day.

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