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Invitation Reveal

April 25, 2019

The Perfect Wedding Invitation Suite for a Dusty Blue Wedding

Ahh! This special couple is getting married this weekend! I have been waiting to share this suite with you; I love all of the details Kirsten included, and I’m excited to explain the anatomy of their wedding invitations!

The Couple:

Kirsten Hughes Jonathan Whalen

How did you guys meet?

“Jonathan and I met in the most millennial way possible….online. We told our parents is was Match.com, but lets be real, it was Tinder. Our first date was at a brewery, and we actually sat and talked for 6 hours straight! He was a complete gentleman at the end of the night and walked me to my car and gave me a hug goodnight. We’ve hardly spent time apart since <3”

How did the proposal happen?

“To say Jonathan is a romantic is a complete understatement. Pretty much ever since we started dating, we had said going to Oktoberfest in Munich would be the best vacation ever. Last September (Oktoberfest actually takes place in September, go figure) we made it happen! After a VERY eventful first few days in Germany (including Jonathan falling into a railing square on his face requiring stitches), we headed out to Neuschwanstein Castle and took a tour.

After the tour, we hiked up the side of the mountain it is built on and sat there for a while taking in the view. Jonathan started on a whole speech about how the town below looked like a fairy tale town and how our relationship has been a fairy tale for him, and asked me to marry him! I of course started bawling immediately. It was perfect <3 <3″

What do you like to do together?

“Have I mentioned we like beer? Haha. We enjoy going to different breweries and trying new beers. We love to travel!! Hoping to make it to Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics! We’re also super into trivia and watch Jeopardy every night.”

The Mood Board:

dusty blue gray wedding palette

The Invitation:

Dusty Blue Wedding Invitations

These wedding invitations had so many working parts, and we were able to design them so that it all was cohesive and meshed well together. We started with the ‘KJ’ monogram and used it on the invitation, the envelope liner & the custom map. We kept the invitation card simple by using the monogram and only having the wedding details on it. No florals, no watercolor, nothing! I think this was the perfect way to balance out all of the other things going on with this design!

Monogram wedding envelope liner

Neuschwanstein wedding engagement wax seal

Next up: the envelope liners! We kept the monogram theme in these dusty blue envelopes, but added the watercolor florals! We did this on a suite a little while back, but this one included the anemone flowers that the bride is using in her bouquet! I actually designed Kirsten’s before we used it on Nina’s design, but we loved it so much we had to recreate it!

Now let’s talk about these wax seals!

If you’re like me, you’ve been eyeing them the entire time! The wax seals use a hand drawn element of the Neuschwanstein Castle where Kirsten and Jonathan got engaged! When Kirsten said she wanted to include it some how, and wanted the wax stamp I thought “why not make the wax stamp the castle?” and she was game for it! I looove the way they turned out. I really think these are my favorite wax seals to date.

The vellum wraps came from a past design, but again, we added the anemone flowers the couple was using. Holding all of these cards together was no small feat, but the vellum wraps and wax stamp did the job!

watercolor wedding map

wedding tailgate

The final parts of the invitations that I want to highlight are the map and the tailgate card. We did a custom watercolor map of St. Augustine, highlighting the locations the wedding guests will need to reference over the weekend. The most unique detail though, is the little corn hole piece on the wedding tailgate card! When Kirsten said she wanted to include something to show the ‘fun side’ of their wedding and mentioned the corn hole board I was ecstatic! Not everything about your wedding day is meant to be serious. You want to have fun, and I think the corn hole image proved it for Kirsten and Jonathan!

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