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February 16, 2020

How To Hand Deckle Your Wedding Invitations

If you’ve been following around for awhile you’ve probably seen different projects we’ve done with hand made paper and with hand deckling. Both are extremely elegant looking, but the hand deckle is a fraction of the price!

We offer this service, but it is something you can save on even more by doing it by yourself at home. And while it’s time consuming, it’s really easy! So let’s dive right in!


-Card Stock
Deckle Ruler
-Watercolor Brush


1.  Print your invitation wording onto a sheet of card stock with crop marks for a 5″ x 7″ announcement (or whatever size card you want!). If you can’t print with crop marks, use a pencil and ruler to create crop marks.
2.  Dip the brush into water. Wipe off excess water on the rim of the glass. Wet the card stock in between 2 crop marks. * This step isnt 100% necessary, but will make the tearing for the deckle edge a lot easier.
3.  Line up the ruler with those crop marks and hold the deckle edge ruler down firmly with one hand. Pull up the corner with your other hand and continue tearing the sheet of card stock along the straight edge of the ruler. The moistened card stock tears unevenly giving it the appearance of a deckle edge. Repeat for the other three sides.
4. That’s it!

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