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November 20, 2018

3 Reasons to Choose A Destination Wedding

By: Kristina Phelan

Planning a wedding is one of the most detailed and stressful things that you will do in your life. Not only is a wedding a big celebration but it is also catered to your every like and dislike. One of the first decisions that you will need to make is where to have your wedding. You’ll most likely get plenty of input from friends and family members but the choice should ultimately be yours. Destination weddings on the beach or in tropical locations have become popular. Here are 3 reasons why you should choose a destination wedding:

Reason #1: Beautiful Location

A destination wedding is great for those who want to get married in a beautiful location. Many couples choose tropical locations with a great ocean view. However, you don’t have to go south to have a destination wedding. Many couples also choose a part of the country that is special to them. Other options include having a wedding in a remote or unusual place. Choose a destination wedding when you want an entirely different location from everyday life.

Reason #2: Keep It Small

A destination wedding is great for those who don’t want to invite a huge family. The most important people in your life will travel to your destination wedding. With that being said, however, know that destination weddings will limit your guest list. There will be some guests who can’t afford to travel to a destination wedding. Consider helping pay for travel expenses in order to make sure that everyone important to you is present.

Reason #3: Less Stress

Many destination weddings are planned at resorts that cater to couples. Booking your wedding at one of these all-inclusive resorts is helpful in planning your big day. The resort takes care of all of the

little details that you won’t be available for. You’ll pay more to have this done but you’ll also experience less stress as the resort takes care of everything. The idea of planning a wedding with less stress involved is a major part of choosing a destination wedding.

There are many reasons to book a destination wedding. Choosing to get married far away from home allows you to choose a beautiful location. It also keeps the stress level down of the entire event. You’ll also be able to keep your wedding small and intimate as well. Consider these reasons to choose a destination location for your upcoming wedding.

Photos by http://www.chromatafilms.com/

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