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December 27, 2018

Unique Ways to Honor Your Dad at Your Wedding

By: Kristina Phelan

Witnessing your child get married is something that is very special for any father. Dads will most likely have less involvement in the planning of a wedding. However, this doesn’t mean that the wedding is not important to him. Consider these unique ways to honor your dad at your upcoming wedding:

Give Thanks

It is very likely that your dad has had to write a few checks in order for the wedding to happen. Make sure that your dad knows how thankful you are for his generosity. Consider writing him a little note to open before the wedding telling him how much you appreciate him. Other ways to show him thanks are to tell him directly at some point during the wedding. Don’t underestimate the impact that a few heartfelt words can do on your big day.

Set Him Apart

Dads don’t want to look like a groomsman on your big day. Make sure that your dad feels important by making his outfit slightly different than the rest of the guys. Give him a different colored tie or perhaps even a different colored suit in order to set him apart. Ask your dad what he would feel comfortable wearing for the wedding and offer to adjust your plans. Make sure that your dad feels comfortable, as well as honored, by the outfit choices that you make.

Ask Beforehand

Many dads don’t ask for a lot of special things at a wedding. They usually hang out in the shadows of the wedding planning but can get ignored at times. Make sure to ask your dad if they have any special things that they definitely want included in the wedding. This could be walking a bride down the aisle or having a special first dance together. It could also be taking the time to have pictures taken together. Make sure that you ask your dad for his opinion on what he would appreciate on this momentous occasion.

Many fathers of the bride and fathers of the groom are the unsung heroes of the wedding planning. They usually don’t fuss too much over things and will leave the planning to others. However, make sure to not forget your dad on your big day by honoring him in these unique ways.

Photos by AK3fotografia

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