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Wedding Spotlight

February 5, 2019

This Bride’s Student Choir Sang At Their Wedding

Bride’s Names, Age, Job and where she lives:

Lisa Joyce, 32, First Grade teacher from Ottawa, Canada

Groom’s Name, Age, Job and where he lives:

Connor Watson, 25, Primary Care Paramedic from Toronto, Canada

How you two met:

We met through mutual friends at a local CrossFit gym.

What was your first impression of each other?

We knew each other through the CrossFit community. We became friends and eventually travelled to an out of town CrossFit regionals event in 2015. It was then that Connor wanted more than a friendship with Lisa. Lisa, was not so sure. She was a little more cautious and reserved.

When did each of you know you were in love?:

It was the evening of a family Christmas party, that Connor first told Lisa he loved her. He had been wanting to say it for a while, and mustered up the courage to do it (with the help of a few Christmas cocktails). The feelings were mutual and we never looked back …

How did the proposal happen?:

Connor proposed in the ravine behind Lisa’s parents house. We would be outside in the backyard often and walk those woods growing up. Lisa should have known something was up as Connor was wearing a wool peacoat (he is ALWAYS warm and rarely wears coats, especially in warm October weather). He got down on one knee in the leaves of the path. Connor had the ring, 2 mini champagne flutes and a bottle of bubbly finding in his jacket. He wasn’t cold – he was finding the goods.

Style of the wedding:

The style of the wedding was rustic elegance ish


Merlot, navy, gold, blush, cream

Anything unique happen or with decor?:

Nonno is Connors 91 year old grandpa. He has an incredible garden at his house. One of the things he grows are plums from his tree. The favors were Nonno’s special Brandy Soaked plums! Yes he claims the tree to pick the plumes and soaks them in mason jars in his canteen. Lisa and Connor’s grandmothers both have amazing tea cup collections. Some of their tea cups were included in the center pieces and others were on display with
small flower arrangements set out during cocktail hour on the veranda.

Lisa is a grade 1 teacher and has been at the same school, St. Brother Andre Catholic School, for 5 years. The school has a lovely children’s choir (grades 2-6). Lisa knows personally, and has taught each member of the choir. The choir sang / performed at the ceremony. They did 3 songs (processional, signing of the registry, and recessional) … there was not a dry eye.

If you had to pick a favorite moment of the day what would it be?:

The whole day was amazing! They day flew by … as all weddings do. We had just finished portraits and the rest of the family pictures, we were on our way to join everyone at cocktail hour. Stonefields Estate set up an intimate picnic blanket and spot for just us.

Our photographer led us to the spot and we found a bottle of champagne, and 2 of each appetizer (that we obviously didn’t have a chance to eat / try yet). It was such a special and quiet moment between just the two of us…it
allowed us to slow down for a few minutes and really take in the day. It was perfect!

What was the most fun part of the wedding to plan?:

Having the Choir there was the BEST! It was amazing giving them their invitation to sing at Miss Joyce’s Wedding! They had the best questions and wonderings about what to wear, how to get there, will they stay for dinner, can my mom come etc.

Lisa works at a student support school (high needs, low income) and this was, for most, their FIRST wedding! Arranging the bus for the SBA choir to take from school to the ceremony site was fun. Planning their exit and how to get them on the bus before the “party” starts (we got them with cake pops and bridal bags). So FUN!

Ceremony Site: Stonefields Estate, Carleton Place
Reception Site: Stonefields Estate, Carleton Place
Stationery: Unica Forma and Satin & Snow
Photographer: Brittany Lee Photography
Videographer: Jinbon Lau
Flowers: Frid Events
Hair: TopKnot Stylists
Make-Up: Lauren Bartoli, Ottawa Makeup Artists
Shoes: Badgley Mischka
Engagement & Wedding Rings: Spence Diamonds and Taing Jewelers
Bridesmaids Dresses: Show me you mumu
Menswear: Indochino
Rentals: Frid Events
Catering: Stonefields
Cake: Suite 12
Desserts: Valentina’s Sweets
Music/DJ: Dj Kiwi
Guests: 134

Password: lc

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