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July 17, 2018

How To Handle 3 Common Bridesmaid-Zilla Scenarios

bridesmaids   bridesmaids

So you’ve asked your best gal pals to be apart of your big day! Generally these women should be a supportive bunch for all your needs during the planning process. But like anything in life, things may not go as planned. We’ve gathered some of the most common scenarios brides go through with a couple ways to navigate the sticky situations!

The “Cheap” Friend

Being a bridesmaid is an expensive job! They are responsible for their dresses, shoes, hair and makeup, bridal shower, bachelorette party, wedding gifts, and more. For any first timer bridesmaids there may be a little bit of a sticker shock. To avoid any confusion preface the type of requirements to your bridesmaids when you ask them to join the squad. Also be considerate in what you ask of them. If you know your family and friends don’t have six figure salaries, don’t ask for a weekend trip to Mexico for your bachelorette party. Being open and honest with your girls is always the best bet!

wedding party  wedding party

The Dress Debate

What the bridesmaids wear can be a tricky. You’ve got different body types, skin tones, budgets, and opinions on it all. If everyone can’t agree on the same dress, consider having your girls in different dresses. Usually if you stay within the same fabric and color, it turns out to be a great look! Or if the vote is spilt down the middle, choose both dresses! However if all are accommodating except for one you need to stand your ground. Ultimately they are here for you and you have the final decision.

wedding bouquet

Self Centered Sally

I hope you don’t have this friend in wedding party but if you do she can be hard to deal with. This might be the queen bee in your friend group that is used to getting what she wants, but don’t let her make this time about her. Giving her a job that you don’t mind her handling is the best way to distract her. But if things get out of control you have two options. First would be to have a hear-to-heart with her. Ask her why she’s being so insistent on her choice. There may be a valid reason behind it that you weren’t aware of. Or you can be assertive with her. If she isn’t willing to budge then you can give her a chance to opt out if she is truly unhappy to be apart of your wedding.

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