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May 15, 2018

Bridesmaid Dress Trends of 2019

Showing the Shoulders

off the shoulder bridesmaid dresses  off the shoulder bridesmaid dresses

We’ve all seen how the off the shoulder trend flourished in our everyday wear. But now its working its way into the wedding industry! There’s an influx of off the shoulder but also one shoulder bridesmaid dresses as well! These are great option to create a slimming effect on wider set shoulders.


velvet bridesmaid dresses   velvet bridesmaid dresses

Velvet is making a huge comeback in the fashion world, and we absolutely LOVE the concept for bridesmaids dresses. It can add a sense of drama and flare to your wedding party that you might be looking for. Pair the dramatic fabric with a soft color makes it perfect for a spring wedding or a deep jewel tone for a fall ceremony.

Dusty Blue

dusty blue bridesmaid dresses

Dusty and slate blue have become the new wedding trend of the past year. These colors were especially big in the wedding invitation area. As a result, there are more and more dresses being offered in the these gorgeous colors!


patterned bridesmaid dresses  

Patterned bridesmaids dress is a trend I’m really excited for! A good floral pattern is a great option for spring and summer weddings. The perfect pattern can add a little texture and dimension to a much needed bridal party.

2 Piece

2 piece bridesmaids dresses  2 piece bridesmaids dresses

With the crop top trend being so popular, were now seeing more 2 piece dress options. This is particularly nice for the bride that’s interested in a mix and match bridal party! They vary in the type of tops, skirts, lengths, and fabrics. Which is also useful in customizing the outfit for each of your girls body types and style!

Nostalgic Rose

rose bridesmaid dresses

Blush is a staple for the neutral wedding lovers, but the new girl in town is Nostalgic Rose. It’s very similar to the beloved blush, but just a tad darker with purple undertones. Think of it as blush’s older, more mature sister. Because its still a pink, but has purple tones, it looks great on practically every skin tone!


sequin bridesmaid dresses  sequin bridesmaid dresses

Sequins are perfect for the glamorous bride! Similar to the patterned dress options, its a great way to add a little dimension and texture to an otherwise pretty simple bridal party.

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