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April 9, 2019

You NEED to Meet Bree, a 24 Year Old Wedding Photographer

Hello Briana! Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got involved with photography

Hi! AH! So a little about me, I am 24 years old and I have a 3 year old son (who is insanely spunky). I just moved to New York but I am originally from Minnesota. (Fun fact, I have also lived in Iowa, Colorado, and Wisconsin!) … Hm, well I have always been the girl to take wayyy too many photos, no matter where we were – I always was and am taking pictures. I went to Iowa state for wedding planning because I loved weddings – but I ended up hating college hahaha. I dropped out and eventually moved to Colorado. I ended up getting pregnant and moved back to the midwest. I was between serving jobs and working as a CNA at assisted livings in the memory loss unit. I did not have a passion, I was just working for my son and I (single mom hustle life)! I started dating a guy when my son was a baby, and let’s just say that ended TERRIBLY and after that my friend Katie PUSHED me to try photography, she knew how passionate I was and literally forced me to try.

I had taken photography class in highschool but that was a film camera, I had no idea how to use a DSLR but had gotten one when I was pregnant and had been using it to take good photos of my son… I had no idea how to use manual LOL. BUT I worked so hard on watching youtube videos, reading blog posts, etc etc. SO many hours spent to learn and perfect everything. I instantly fell in love with photography, it sparked a joy I did not know even existed inside of me. I started out doing whatever but quickly jumped into couples and that is where my heart belongs, with love stories. I blame that on me being born on Valentines day haha. Soooo.. that is a little about how I got started!

How did you come up with the idea for your company name?

Ah, well I actually started out as Bree B Photography, but once Cameron and I decided to add him in for videography, we decided to come up with a new name. Let me tell you… it took us probably a month. We did a huge brain dump, came up with what was important to us, what we loved, and what we wanted our couples (and potential couples) know about why we do what we do.

Cameron and I LOVE adventuring, actually our first date (after talking for 3 months long distance) was shooting an intimate wedding together in Colorado. We decided that both of us obviously are obsessed with capturing love stories, it is what lights that fire in our soul.. but we also adore all of our travels and adventures – even if they are local adventures. From August 2017-Feb 2020 there are 1-3 airplane tickets booked. I have shot weddings or sessions in seven states so far and more are being added this year (plus iceland!) So after a lot of talking we thought Love + Adventure was the most fitting for us!

How long have you been in the photography business?

Hahaha, WELL my first session ever was November 2017 but first true wedding was August 2018. So I mean, I say about a year? That is a tricky one. I do want to say I have invested SO much dang time and energy in improving, learning, and growing. Seeing where I was a year ago compared to now is WILD! I am a girl who will devote so much time in my passion and seeing as this is my full-time job I can do that!

I noticed you like to travel, where is your dream vacation spot?

Oh my gosh, are you serious… this is such a tricky question. My DREAM is to go to Thailand or Ubud Indonesia. But honestly, I have a huge list. I am a girl who loves to explore more than just lay on a beach… but then again.. who doesn’t wanna go to Bora Bora or the Maldives?! I loveeee the mountains and even have a mountain tattoo, but take me anywhere and I will love it and find some hidden gems, that is my JAM!

How did you and Cam meet?

My best friend is his cousin, and we MET at her wedding but didn’t really talk actually… I ended up dissing him (I blame the fireball shots we took) I said I do not like small town boys (no clue why I even said that, but it was the city girl in me I guess haha). We both had gotten out of and healing from really toxic and bad relationships. I found him INSANELY attractive though. Six months later with the push from my friend.. I messaged him about camera stuff.. it just sparked from there. He lives in western NY and I was living in WI… but we instantly fell so hard, SO many facetimes and phone calls. I opened up about my rough past early on to let him all in, and know what he was getting into haha. I then invited him to join in on the wedding I was shooting in Colorado and that was our first date, and it was magical. We did three sessions that weekend as well, and exchanged the big ole “I love you”. My son and I (who he is adopting!) just moved to NY (no, not the city haha) to be with him and we JUST got engaged on March 8th! In May it will be a year since we started talking… when you know, you just know! He is my best friend, my soulmate, and the goofiest person I have ever met.

How many places have you traveled to together?

Well we have not been together long enough to travel a ton, but we have been to Colorado, Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and New York. We have plans for Washington and Iceland this year… and some of the places listed above! We will for sure plan more but that is what we have for now! It is a little harder with a little one, but we can not wait to show him the world as well since he has been on eleven plane rides! The best traveler ever, for only being three!

What wedding destination has been your favorite to capture someone’s special day?

I would say 100% Salida Colorado. It was the most hippy and laid back wedding ever. They treated us like family, the views were STUNNING, and it was genuinely so perfect. I will say I am SO excited to capture an elopement in Iceland this summer – so that may top that one 😉

What is the most important thing to you both when capturing someone’s big day?

Honestly the most important thing to us is to make sure we help relieve any stress, and to capture the pure and raw happiness and love. We really invest the time to get to know our couples before the big day. We chat with them like they are friends, ask them lots of questions about their love story, their love, and what they invision for their big day. We truly want to capture the day in its true essence. We want to capture everything from the tears, grandma taking a fireball shot, grandpa dancing his butt off, and the most genuine smiles. We want you to relive EVERY moment, and not just the big ones. We value every single moment and want the photos and videos to transport you back to the day, over and over again.

What sets you both apart from other wedding photographers?

I would LOVE to answer this myself BUT I want to add in a few little clips from what others have said about this question. 

“Having worked with three photographers now, I can easily tell you exactly how you stand out!

1- You are so easy/fun to talk to and be around. This made us feel comfortable enough to give our own input and make our own requests. It also made us feel really comfortable in front of the camera (which is not easy for either of us).

2- You are open and honest in every way. You didn’t just want to get to know us and about our lives, you also allowed us to get to know you and your life!

3- Your passion and the effort you put into what you do. It is SO clear that it isn’t about cranking out sessions and making a living for you. You truly love and care about your work!

4- You get to know your couples well enough that you share things about when you share their sessions.

All in all, out of the three photographers we have worked with we were most comfortable with you. We had the most fun with you. We were the happiest with the product you delivered. We remember our session with you the most. When we found the other two photogs, we got photos to hang onto… but with you we got a friend as well. AND that is what is special about you.”

“Honestly, there are so many reasons this amazing photographer stands out. Her continued communication was one of the reasons. She is always making sure that she knows what we want and she keeps in touch before the session and after. Another reason is because during the session she just allows you to have fun. Some photographers have what they want you to do and don’t let you go outside of that, but she encouraged us to be us. One of the funniest moments I remember with her is when she was taking wedding photos of my husband and I. She told us to look serious. We all burst out laughing and told us that she doesn’t like it because we are not serious people. It just showed how much she cared and listened. Bree is amazing. Anyone would be lucky to have her in their lives and her photos in their homes.”

What are your plans for the future both professionally and personally?

Professionally- We actually just did an exercise the other day to do a year-ten year goals. We want to eventually move to the mountains, to get Cameron to go full-time with me (he is a PE/health teacher and a soccer coach), and to do exclusively elopements and vow renewals one day. We want to travel world wide and capture love stories in multiple countries! We never want to stop learning, growing, and expanding.

Personally- We want to have another baby one day, we want to continue to have faith be a huge part of our relationship, raise our children in the church, to workout together 5 times a week (lol it is me who needs to do this more, but I need hip surgery soooo i’m taking it slow haha), and to just always be as happy and in love as we are now. We want to continue to go on dates, to push each other to be the best version of ourselves, and to always set new goals!

What is number one on your photographer bucket list?

Number one on our list, I would say to shoot an elopement in Italy! That would be a DREAM! Cameron is Italian and is actually going to visit his family there this summer – which will be his first time there!  

How can lovely couples get in touch with you and see your amazing work?

AH! Yesss! Hello to you lovely couples. My website is www.loveandadventurestories.com instagram is www.instagram.com/loveandadventurestories and my email is hello@loveandadventurestories.com

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