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June 11, 2019

For the Best Man: 3 Things You Need to Bring on the Wedding Day

As the best man, there can be a lot of pressure on the day of the wedding to step up and help out the groom in any way possible. When his pre-wedding nerves cause him to forget what time to be at the venue or forget his tux, you need to be ready to transition into rescue mode or keep the group on schedule. Here are three things you can’t forget the day of the wedding to fulfill your role as the best man and avoid any wedding disaster.

best man roles

Any items on the “Do Not Forget” list

There’s no doubt that the groom will be given specific instructions by his bride-to-be to not forget certain things like the rings, vows, and wedding outfits for the day. The list can go on and on, so the best man can be there to bring anything from the check for the caterer to the marriage license.

Be ready to anticipate anything before the wedding day and start thinking about everything that could come in handy the day of the wedding. Get a list from the bride of essential details not to forget and make sure that you will be there to ensure he doesn’t overlook anything in the midst of all the wedding chaos.

Grooming supplies

A bad hair day is bound to happen to all of us, and if the groom’s unlucky day happens to fall on his wedding, he’ll need some reinforcement. The last thing he should be concerned about while getting ready is having a hair mishap before the ceremony, like thin or unmanageable hair. Taking a hair loss pill prior to his wedding day will help to maintain his thick, healthy wedding day hair and assure that thinning hair isn’t an issue.

Gather up a kit full of grooming supplies that will prevent anything that could affect his appearance. Fill it with hairspray to hold his hair intact, an extra razor or trimmer to clean up, or a beard balm to keep his facial hair in check. Anything that the groom uses to look good on a daily basis can be thrown in to make sure he’s comfortable and confident in front of his guests and bride-to-be.

how to be a good groomsman

Something to take the edge off

 Knowing how nervous or tense the groom can become on the big day, you should be prepared to help him relax. Having spent a significant portion of your life with him, you’ll be able to read his emotions and best cater to the things that upset his mood.

Maybe he needs a simple tylenol to relieve his headaches, maybe he calms down with a dose of caffeine, or maybe all he requires is a little bit of whiskey. Whichever way the groom and groomsmen use, the best man should have methods to take some stress away and clearly explain how to drink carefully on the wedding day.

The bride and groom spent a lot of time organizing, budgeting and planning the wedding of their dreams. They’ve entrusted you to help them get through this hectic but magical time of their lives. Being the best man means carrying a great deal of responsibility, and following these tips will make sure that you’re not only living up to your title but also being a great friend and life companion.

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