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January 17, 2019

Meet Allie of Alexandra Faith Photography

allie davies photography

Hey Allie! Can you tell our readers a little about yourself?

Hey guys! I’m Allie – a midwesterner, wife to the most wonderful man in the world, and as of this week, a cat mom! I love healthy living (cooking, exercising, hiking, etc.), spending time with my friends, and learning new things. I’m an introvert by nature, but have developed some of the qualities of an extrovert, so maybe that makes me an ambivert? Who knows?!

How did you get into photography?

I love telling this story, because it was honestly by accident. When I was in 8th grade, I went on a class trip to D.C., and brought my younger sister’s point and shoot camera. I took SO many photos on that trip, and really really enjoyed doing so. Of course, I was super excited to share them when I got home, and ended up posting them on Flickr (throwback am I right?!) because I thought they were amazing.

I asked people for feedback on my photos, and started to realize that there was way more to photography than clicking a button. This sparked me to start taking photos of anything and everything, from my pets, to my siblings and lots of nature. I got my own camera that Christmas (a Nikon coolpix), and the rest is history. I think I even shot a few senior sessions on it (that makes me cringe a little now).

allie davies photography

What do you believe wedding photography should be about?

This is a question I am constantly thinking about and evaluating. One thing I am firm believer in is that wedding photography is about celebrating the couple, their family and friends. Anything I can do to accurately capture their story, their loved ones, and the uniqueness of their day is an absolute priority for me! Wedding photography is NOT about building my portfolio, getting the “perfect shot” for instagram, or trying to make someone’s wedding photos fit my brand. It is not about me at all. I am there to serve, which means I’m not just taking photos, I am helping with details, running errands, talking with family members, befriending the DJ and videographer, dancing with the kids, and anything else I can do to support and celebrate my couples.

I saw you use Honeybook, would you recommend it to fellow photographers?

Absolutely. I am not a fan of paying money for things you don’t need, but this not one of those things. Honeybook has saved me SO much time. I have also gotten awesome feedback from clients who have loved how easy it is to navigate. I can’t say enough good things about it.

allie davies photography

What are your favorite moments to capture while shooting?

I love capturing real moments between a couple – which is why I have prompts I use to allow them to have moments together. While shooting, I love giving them a question to answer, or a topic to talk about with one another, which leads to genuine smiles, loving looks, gentle touches, and stuff like that!

I also love shooting the interactions between the bride and groom and their families and friends, candid moments that are so important to capture and can so easily be forgotten amidst the craziness of the wedding day.

allie davies photography

What are your biggest inspirations in life?

Personally, I am constantly inspired by those around me who are striving after the Lord and encouraging others to do so as well.

Professionally, I am inspired by photographers like Dawn Charles, India Earl, Emily Magers, Lindsey Roman and Evie Rupp. These ladies are serious boss babes, share their knowledge and experience generously, and seem really kind!

Describe your perfect Saturday.

Hmm. My perfect Saturday would start with an early wake up, making a smoothie and coffee and getting my time with God (reading and praying), with Jordan sitting next to me doing the same thing. Then I’d get a good run in, shower and grab lunch with a friend, go hiking or to a farmers market in the afternoon, then spend some time with Jordan grabbing dinner, talking and reading a good book together, then we’d meet up with friends for drinks!

What are some goals for your personal and professional life in the long run?

Personally, I want to continue to lead a healthy lifestyle despite being so busy, I want to continue to grow in my knowledge and understanding of God and His love for me, I want to always be growing in the way I love others, and to continue to learn how to live simply.

Professionally, I would love to be shooting weddings full time for as long as I can. When we have kids I’ll probably have to scale back, but I definitely want to keep doing this for as long as I can! I also want to have a business that makes each and every person I work with feel valued, listened to, cared for, and celebrated. I’d also LOVE to shoot some elopements out at Zion and Yosemite!!

I saw that you’re into true crime podcasts – what are your favorites?

Yes I am! I love true crime. Podcasts, movies, tv shows, etc. My favorite podcasts are Serial (I was convinced I could solve the Adnan Syed case) and Serial Killers (which is pretty graphic so I haven’t listened to all of it). As far as shows, Mindhunter is my all-time favorite, but I also have recently been watching Dexter.

How did you meet your husband, Jordan?

We met through some mutual friends. My old roommate was friends with one of his roommates, and they were determined to set us up. Jordan is stubborn and doesn’t like doing what people want him to so even though he was interested, he refused to ask me out for a while but then finally decided to haha.

What is your favorite event/group/thing to shoot?

Definitely weddings!! and engagement/anniversary photos.

What advice would you give someone new to the business?

Practice! Offer free sessions that are the kind of photography you want to get into, so you have a body of work to show potential clients.

Use social media marketing! Instagram can be a pain, but it is so worth the time investment. Most of my inquiries now come from Instagram, which I definitely never thought would happen.

Develop a brand/logo/etc. and contracts. When you are professional, people will notice and will be more likely to trust you!

Build relationships with your clients. They are hiring you to document one of the most important days of their life, and that is a complete honor! The better you eacho ther, the more comfortable they’ll feel, which leads to more natural images!

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