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April 19, 2018

Meet Alecs: AKP Photography

 Hi Alecs! Can you tell our readers a little about yourself?

Hi there! I’m Alecs, a wedding and portrait photographer from Fargo, North Dakota. When I am not taking pictures, I enjoy watching TV with my husband and cat, or spending time with my nephew and family!

How did you get into photography?

About 10 years ago my mom bought me a beginners guide to photography for Christmas. I read that book front to back within a week and I was hooked! Throughout High School, I photographed whatever I could to continue to learn and grow. I went to College for photojournalism, spent time second shooting with other wedding photographers, and now I photograph weddings, seniors, and families! And I love every minute of it!

Do you prefer shooting weddings, seniors or families?

Even though I greatly enjoy all three, my heart is definitely with weddings. Wedding photographer is more intimate than any other photography. It gives me the opportunity to fully join someone’s life on their most important day. I love not only being able to document their day, but being there to support the bride and groom however they may need. From folding pocket squares and pinning boutonnieres, to fluffing dressing and coordinating flower girls, I try to help wherever I am needed to make everything go as smoothly as possible! By the end of the day, I love feeling like part of the family, like we all just accomplished something amazing together!

How would describe your style of photography?

My style of photography is light and airy with a pop of color. I love mixing traditional posing with more photojournalist elements to give every bride and groom a good variety in their gallery.

My husband and I binge watched The Office together for the first time this past year! Who is your favorite character?

That is a tough question… There are so many great characters in The Office, and every time I watch it I find a reason to pick a new favorite. However, if I had to pick one, it would be Jim Halpert. Between the pranks, his crush on Pam, and those side looks at the camera, he is one of the best parts of the entire show!

BWCeremony BlackWhiteBridal
What questions should every couple ask their wedding photographer before booking?

Every couple should ask their wedding photographer if they offer a first look-friendly timeline. A first look is the moment the bride and groom see each other for the first time a few hours before the ceremony. I am very pro-first look! I love the freedom a first look gives the bride and groom. Not only freedom with the timeline, but also the freedom to make the first look uniquely theirs. Not to mention how quickly a first look can calm anyone’s nerves! I even wrote a post about seven reasons a bride and groom should consider a first look! Couples should also ask how their photos will be delivered! Sometimes it is
difficult to look beyond your wedding day when you are in the middle of planning it. However, it is important to know if you are receiving an online digital gallery or purchasing prints. I personally deliver the full gallery through a digital gallery service. This allows the bride and groom to share the gallery, they can print through any printing service they prefer, and most importantly, it gives them more photos of their wedding day!

BridalParty BrideGroomDetails
What would your perfect day look like?

My perfect day would be relaxing on the beach with my family. Although, relaxing for us means building sand castles, playing in the waves, and collecting seashells! At the end of the day, I would curl up on the couch with my husband and cat and watch one of our favorite shows. (Most likely Parks and Rec!)

What are some goals for your personal and professional life in the long run?

a. My personal goals include buying a house and building a life together with my husband for our future family. We are newly married, June of 2017, and we are currently enjoying life together as newlyweds. We have big goals for our future, but we also have a long bucket list of places to travel to and see!
b. Professionally, my biggest goal is to grow my business to the point where I can quit my day job. My passions are photography and entrepreneurship, and I plan to one day turn my part-time passion into a full-time career.

BWBrideGroom BWFlowerGirl

What advice would you give someone new to the business?

Gear isn’t everything, education is. Many new photographers focus too much on what gear everyone is using. A new photographer should put more of their time, energy, and money into good education! I learned this later in my career than I would like to admit. An upgraded camera will only get you so far. There is education out there for everything from posing and lighting, to business and marketing. All of which will get you further in business than any piece of gear you own!

Where is your favorite place you have ever traveled?

Puerto Rico is by far my favorite place I have ever traveled. I love the weather, the beaches, the culture, and the fact that there are stray cats all over the island. Unfortunately, Puerto Rico recently experienced a tough hurricane season. The island lost power, some areas still without, and the rainforest was almost completely blown away. Although the island may look different now, it still has the people, cats, and climate that I fell in love with. I hope to broaden my travels in the future, but I suspect that Puerto Rico will always keep a special place in my heart.

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve taken away from your profession?

Community over Competition. Again, this is another lesson I learned later in my career than I should have. I spent too many years judging other photographers and comparing my work to them. Thankfully, I found a local Facebook group that has the most supportive photographers I have ever met! They are 100% community over competition. All creative entrepreneurs should check out the Rising Tide Society. They are the driving force behind community over competition!

Where can our readers get more information on how to book you?

Anyone who is interested can check out my website at akpphoto.com for additional information on booking! My most recent work can also be found at akpphoto.com/blog or instagram.com/akpphoto.

Please visit www.akpphoto.com for more information and to book Alecs!

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