meet jordin

Hey there! I am the owner and designer behind Unica Forma. On an average day you can find me cuddled up on the couch with my husband and our pups binge watching a Netflix show. I’m mostly known for having a free spirit and diving headstrong into dry, frivolous humor. People often refer to me as dedicated; whenever I get my mind & heart set on something, I move at in full force. (cue the birth of Unica Forma). I design for people who struggle with finding a way to convey their style and personality on paper. I start by building a relationship with them to figure out the best way to infuse important interests and visions into their project. I am lucky enough to serve clients during the biggest moments of their lives and give them a tangible piece of nostalgia to look back on for generations. When I’m not busy working with clients, you can catch me redecorating, crate digging in a vinyl shop, or on my back patio with a cold brew in hand.




Meet Jordin

meet jordin

rapid fire questions:

what is your go to dinner?

Chinese takeout. All day. It's actually kind of sad how mood-changing orange chicken & fried rice is for me.

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rapid fire questions:

favorite book to gift?

The Four Agreements
by Don  Miguel Ruiz

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rapid fire questions:

what is your go to outfit?

Am I allowed to say leggings and a t-shirt?
Cuz uhhhh...

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rapid fire questions:

favorite ig accounts to follow?


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rapid fire questions:

favorite color combo?

Denim & olive - is denim considered a color?

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rapid fire questions:

what was your first job?

I worked at Urban Active (a gym) in the daycare.

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rapid fire questions:

what is your biggest fear?

Failure. And birds.

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My Top 8

hip hop


Real hip-hop means the most to me (Common, Mos Def, Atmosphere, Outkast, ATCQ, Little Brother, Kendrick Lamar, Blu & Exile, Biggie, etc.) but I'm not ashamed to admit how obsessed with Rae Sremmurd and Young Thug I am.

My Top 8



My husband and I binge watch an unhealthy amount of Netflix every week.

Shows: Big Little Lies (HBO, I know), The Five, Master of None, Atypical, Dark, Parks & Rec, Stranger Things & Ozark

My Top 8



My podcast cue really depends on my mood. Whether I'm in a "self care" mood, wanting to hear murder stories, in hustle mode, or just want to laugh, there's something for however you're feelin'. Some of my favorites are: Munchin' With Moguls, A Waste of Time with It's the Real, The Goal Digger Podcast, Ellechat, How I Built This, S-Town, Armchair Expert & Let It Out.

My Top 8

trash tv


Real Housewives/Vanderpump Rules/Below Deck

Full disclosure. I am well aware how 'terrible' all these shows might seem to you, but you are wrong. They are amazing. My trash reality obsession doesn't stop at Bravo. I still watch The Challenge. Yes, I'm 25. It's fine.

My Top 8



My husband thinks this is a new obsession because of the amount of mudcloth that magically is popping up around the house.

Pro Tip: put out new decorations periodically rather than when you get all of it and it will look like you shopped less ;)

My Top 8



Candles are a nostalgic thing for me. A candle emits the scents you hope to remember 10 years from now. Plus, who doesn't want their house smelling delicious? 

Favorites: Candlefish No. 31, Our Own Candle Co Gma's  Kitchen, Warm Glow Candle Co. Belgian Waffles

My Top 8



I would eat cookies for dinner if my metabolism wasn't a backstabber.

Favorites: Northstar's Double Chocolate cookie, Insomnia Cookie's Peanut Butter Cookie & Oreos. Always.

My Top 8

house plants


In 2016 our house was filled with fake plants, and I decided I didn't want fake ones. I killed about 14 plants before I figured it all out. I now have fifteen thriving plants in the house!

Current Plants: 
Fiddle leaf figs, Sansevierias, Succulents, Spider plants, Bird of Paradise & ZZ plants

The Boss:
Usually gets her way: provides the family with all the intangibles it needs to thrive.

The Entertainer:
Tries to keep the family happy. 50% successful. Leads by example & takes care of all physical issues.

The Jester:
Brings joy & utter happiness to the table. (Somewhat) annoyingly plays fetch 24/7.

The Standoff-ish Teenager:
Wants nothing to do with the family or his sibling unless food, naps & potty are involved.

My Husband

how charlie (               )
explains our family