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March 14, 2018

9 Cold Night Date Ideas

in home photoshoot

For a majority of the country, we are currently in the dead of winter. Which means freezing temperatures, snow and ice on the ground, and an overall lack of vitamin D. With that being said, don’t let winter blow out the spark in your relationship! You may not want to spend your time outside, but we’ve got you covered on how to have fun date night inside!

Try Out A New Recipe

in home photoshoot

Head into the kitchen, turn on some music, and pull out some of those cookbooks that have been collecting dust! Pick something out that you two have been dying to try. Cooking requires you to communicate with each other, and get some quality bonding time in. Not to mention you get to create something delicious!

Have a Game Night

This is a classic stay at home date night in, but still worth mentioning. If your feeling competitive, add a wager to the games! Grab your favorite games (twister, uno, monopoly if you dare) and a few of your favorite snacks, and you’ll be bound to have a great night!

Play 21 Questions

in home photoshoot

You and your partner write down questions you want to know, and throw them in a bowl. The questions could be anything you want. I would challenge yourself to think outside of the box for these. The better your questions are, the more enjoyment you’ll get out of it. Examples: What is your favorite memory of us? What is your first memory? If you had the chance to go back and change one thing about your life, what would you change?

Make Fondue

Why go out for fondue when you can make it from the comfort of your own home! All you need to go is fill a pot with water to boil, and find a glass bowl that is big enough to sit on top of the pot. Pour a bag of chocolate into the bowl, stirring as it melts. Be careful not to over heat the chocolate! Then cut up some fruit, pretzels, or anything you two like, and dip away!

Karaoke Night

For my couples that love to sing, this one goes out to you. If you have an actual karaoke machine, then no explanation is required. Otherwise you can make a playlist on your phone, get on YouTube, or ask your google home to play karaoke versions of your favorite tunes!

Plan your Dream Vacation

desert couple

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If you’re a day dreamer, like myself, this is a perfect date for you! If money were not an option, where would you go? What would you see? Take a dive into the other persons mind and plan the most magical trip you can think of! Who know, maybe this will give you some inspiration to make the it actually happen!

Play Dress Up

You know the expression ‘all dressed up with no place to go’? That’s essentially what you’re going to do! Pick out your best duds, do your hair, and makeup and pretend you’re at the finest restaurant in town. Order dinner in, pull out the champagne glasses, and light a few candles to set the tone. You would be surprised how easily a few dimmed lights, and candles can do!

Camp Out In Your Living Room

Pull out the old tent and sleeping bags and set up shop in your living room! Putting the tent up itself can be a task, so reward yourselves with a cold beer, or glass of wine when its done. Turn out the lights but keep a flashlight handy to give you that true outdoor feel. Tell each other about your own family camping trips growing up. The best part about this, is you still have indoor plumbing!

Make It A Theme Night

couple on a couch

Pick a country to base the date around, like Spain, France, or Greece. Watch a foreign movie from, or based in that location. Have dinner with that countries cuisine. Drink wine from their vineyards. Listen to the countries most famous artist, you get the idea! You may even learn a little something along the way!

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