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May 10, 2018

8 Tips You May Not Think About While Planning A Wedding

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Keep a wedding email

As if we don’t get bombarded with enough emails already, getting married will easily double it! Do yourself a favor and start off your wedding planning process with a separate email. Between all the back and forth with vendors, guests, wedding websites and magazine, you’ll thank me when you only have to scrounge through one email address instead of three!

Store everything in one place

Staying organized while planning an even 9, 12, 18 months in advance is key. The easiest way to get overwhelmed, at least for me, is not being able to find an important piece of information I need. Choose one website for all your inspiration, because most other things can go through your email. Then pick up a physical folder of something to store any paperwork you get from your venue, deposits and vendor information.

Don’t read yourself insane

As you may already know, there is SO MUCH wedding info out in the world! With google at our fingertips, its so incredibly easy to consume information like its nothing. But don’t run yourself into the ground trying to plan the perfect wedding by reading every article. Stick to a few main websites that have solid advice, and your married friends and family. Planning the wedding of your dreams shouldn’t require much outside influence, trust your vision and get to planning!

After wedding loose ends

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Once the reception is over, something has to be done with everything you brought into the venue. Depending on how much time the venue allows, most couples have until a certain time the night of the get everything cleaned up and back in shape. If you leave the reception straight for your honeymoon, its important to assign this task to a group of people. Another loose end to tie is to make sure all your vendors get paid/tipped at the end of the night.

Put tipping in the budget

Piggybacking off the last piece of advice, make sure to put all your vendor tips in your initial budget! This is one of those things that can sneak up on you unexpectedly if you aren’t careful! Again if you end up leaving the reception to head for your honeymoon, you want to make sure the people that helped make your big day so great, get paid.

Make a photo list for your photographer

Once you’ve chosen the right photographer, talk to them about your “must have” poses. If they’ve been in the business for a while they may have a routine they go through, but every wedding is different! The best way to make sure you get everything you want is to write it down. I know I’m more of a visual person so being able to see everything laid out my be helpful! Plus the photographer might see a few combos you may have missed!

If kids are invited, plan entertainment

Its common for children to be nixed from the guest list. But if you’ve decided to let the little guys in, it might be a good idea to have a kids activity table for them. This could be as simple as a few coloring books or a board game to occupy some of their time, and give the parents a break.

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Don’t forget to take a night off

Planning a wedding requires so much time and energy for months on end that its hard to keep a healthy balance. Make a deal with your partner to take time for yourself. Whatever that means in you’re relationship, be conscious to fit that when you start getting that overwhelmed with all the wedding mayhem!

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