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February 8, 2018

7 Unique Dates That Are Perfect For Valentine’s Day

valentines day photoshoot

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, so now is the time to start planning what you’re going to do. I wanted to take the time to share some ideas with you, that go a little beyond your basic dinner and a movie. Let’s be honest, your partner in crime deserves move than that! Even if you don’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend to celebrate with, most of these ideas can be done with any of your friends or loved ones!

Recreate A Significant Date In your Relationship

picnic photoshoot

This is a great idea to bring spark a little romance in a relationship that isn’t brand new! You can take this literally and re-create a favorite date you had. Or you can re-create your first kiss, date, or any favorite memory you have with this person. If you own the same outfit you worn during that event, wear that too! Not only is it sentimental, it has the opportunity to be super affordable as well!


heart shaped waffles

Valentine’s Day doesn’t is a full 24 hours, yet most couples don’t celebrate until after the sun goes down. Get a head start and head to brunch! Mimosas and heart shaped waffles are sure to kick off this day of love right!

Wine and Paint Class

For the couples that are feeling a little more artistic this Valentine’s Day! Sit back and relax with a glass of your favorite wine, and paint the night away! You don’t have to stick strictly to painting. Check out pottery or any local art classes that are going on! And for those of you that are spending the day alone, grad your single friends and have a Galentine’s Day!

Make Candles Together

Scent can be a very romantic sense if done right, which is why this is a perfect idea! I recently discovered this cute shop downtown called, The Candle Lab where you can make your own candles! They have a wall of hundreds scents for you to choose from, along with a variety of types sizes and jars. They will help you pick scents that compliment each other and your candle will be ready within 90 minutes of pouring!

Ice Skating

couples ice skating

For most parts of the country February is still very much winter. So why not take advantage and plan an ice skating date?! This will get you moving and something you may not have done since childhood! If you want to warm up after ice skating, consider making a bonfire and treat yourself to s’mores!

Pjs and Game Night

engagement at home

For the couple that likes to keep it low-key, grab your favorite board games, and comfy pajamas (maybe a glass of wine). Add a little bet to the mix, and of course don’t forget your favorite snacks to keep your competitive spirit strong! If you’re feeling generous, continue the laziness with an unexpected breakfast in bed the next morning!

The Penny Date

penny date

This is my personal favorite because it forces you to be a little more spontaneous, and usually turns into a good story! Tell your date to pick a number between 1-20, which will represent how many turns you’ll make. Next assign which direction (left or right) will be for heads and which will be for tails. Then flip your coin, turning along the way, until you’ve reached the initial number chosen. Then you find the closest restaurant, shop, or event to where the penny has lead you!

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