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June 28, 2018

7 Things You Must Remember Before Sending Out Wedding Invitations

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With an invitation suite being the your guests’ first sneak peak of the wedding you’re planning, you want to make sure its done right! We have compiled 7 tips for our soon-to-be newlyweds to take into consideration when its time to start working on your wedding invitation suite!

Start early

In todays world, many of us (myself included) have become accustom to the instant gratification that technology can provide us. While I’m generally super thankful for that, it can leave us a little unprepared in situations where thats not the case! Starting your invitation process in a similar timeline with buying a wedding is a great place to begin! Although you may not have all the invitation information nailed down yet, the earlier you get the ball rolling, the easier it is to create invitations you truly love!

save the date

Save the dates

Traditionally Save the Dates should be sent out anywhere between six to eight months before the wedding. This may seem early to some, but allowing your guests plenty of time to get all their ducks in a row to be apart of your special time is important. Take into account if you’re having a destination wedding, if its on a holiday weekend, and how many out of town guests you’re inviting. Some couple choose not to send out Save the Date invites at all. Generally couples see much more of the people they invite when given ample notice. Life gets busy, so don’t put that extra pressure on your loved ones if you don’t have to!


Having an RSVP card in your invitation suite is crucial! The first purpose of an RSVP is to give your guest information about the wedding in general. Its typically to have a physical card, but its become more common to send everyone to RSVP via your wedding website as well! Secondly it serves as a head count of who is going to attend. Once you have a sense of how many people are going to attend you can get that info to your caterers, and complete any last final steps with vendors.


Be careful of overcrowding your invitations. Depending on how much information you need to get guest, this could be difficult. Stick to basic information on your main invitation card such as names, date, location of ceremony and reception (if different), and time. If you’re finding it to get a little crowded, you can also add in an extra details card, or send them to your website for additional information!


Proof read

I cannot stress this step enough!! Please please proof read your invitation suite two, three, four times. Although stationery companies do their best in finding the mistakes, they are working with several clients at one time. So its up to you to make sure everything is grammatically correct. Reading the phrases out loud is always an easy way to catch anything that your eyes may have missed, or have a second person browse over the proof too!


This one is pretty self explanatory but important nonetheless! No matter how many times you’ve gone over your guest list there will always be some obscure great uncle, or long lost cousin that gets forgotten about. We recommend ordering 5-15 extra in case you do forget someone on the list. Not only that, having extra for a shadow box or to put in a wedding album too! Don’t forget to keep an extra to be included in your shot list for the wedding photographer as well.


Postage is one of those extra expenses that can sneak up on you! You’ll need postage for Save the Dates and the invitation themselves. Its also customary for the couple to add postage for guests to send back their RSVP cards. If any guests live out of the country, those most likely will need a few extra stamps. With a 150 invitations and friends and family around the globe, the cost of postage can easily work its way up to a few hundred dollars!

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