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December 15, 2017

5 Winter Stationery Ideas You’ll Want This Christmas

name tag ornaments

Escort card ornaments for your Christmas tree!

These Christmas ornaments are such a cute idea and can be as simple or complex as you want it to be! You can keep things minimal with some brown double ply kraft paper and write names of your family and friends in a script font, or you can add mini polaroids! You can also make these ornaments into a fun little activity for the all the kids in the family to make their own each year, and turn them into some to reminisce over each Christmas!

holiday bannerHoliday banner

Are you uninspired by the holiday decor at Target this year? Design your own! Greet your guest with a holiday banner that accents your front door wreath, or on a your fireplace mantle. If you’re a small business owner you can advertise your holiday sales with a festive banner too!

Chistmas table setting

Menus and place cards for Christmas dinner!

Menus and place cards are a great way to take your holiday dinner to the next level! Impress your guests by having a menu listing out whats for dinner at each place setting and a place card with everyones name. I love the idea of even making the cards match your dining ware with foiling, to make it pop! Your guest will appreciate the hard work you’ve put into making the holiday extra special.

christmas box

Sticker labels and boxes for homemade goods

Baking cookies is a pretty common Christmas tradition. Whether its for family, friends, your boss or mailman, adding a custom label or box is the perfect way to add a little personalization to your gifts! This also works for the people who like to do a little home backyard brew brewing! Your friends are more likely to try your new flavor if you step up your presentation game!

christmas gift tags christmas name tags

 Custom gift tags

Custom gift tags is probably one of my favorite items on the list! Why you ask? Because they go with anything! It doesn’t matter if you use regular wrapping paper, newspaper or just a plain old brown paper! You can make them match whatever trendy style you’re going for this holiday season. There are so many options to choose from! If wrapping gifts isn’t a natural born talent, slap a beautiful custom tag on the gift and nobody will notice that you used half a roll of tape on one gift!

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