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May 2, 2018

4 Ways To Showcase Your Wedding Theme In Your Invitation

By: Kristina Phelan

Your wedding invitation provides the first peek into your wedding. In an instant, it gives your wedding guest a hint as to what wedding you’ll be having. Follow these 4 simple ways that you can show your wedding theme through your invitation:

dusty blue floral invitation


The paper that you choose for your invitation is big indicator of your wedding theme. Simple weddings will have one sheet of medium weight paper while more elaborate weddings may have a fold to create more pages. Once you decide on a paper weight, there are many options to different kinds of paper. Consider including flecks of material for a nature theme or rounded corners for a more sophisticated look.

Lilac and silver wedding invitation Burgundy Blush wedding invitations by Unica Forma


The style of your lettering is probably the best indicator of what your wedding theme will be. Blocky and bold lettering points toward a traditional and formal wedding. Wide script font with a lot of loops hints to a more vintage theme. If you are planning a fun theme, like a favorite movie, choosing the font that is in the movie title can be used as well. Using a font color other than black can also show off your chosen wedding colors. Play around with fonts to create the right feeling that you want guests to have while reading your invitation.

Wedding Wreath Hoops


Using traditional wording is a great choice for a traditional wedding. A black tie event should have formal and strong wording to show the guest of the dress code involved. Less formal weddings can have simple language and be more casual. Choose words wisely to help portray your wedding theme.

deckled edge minimalism invitation peach and blue wedding invitation


Adding extra things to your invitation can really show off what your wedding will include. Choose vellum or one small bow if you are planning a simple ceremony. Make your invitation extravagant if your wedding will be a showstopper. Adding lace, color blocking, or foil accents will show that your wedding will be luxurious. Delicate birds or ribbons will be a good choice for vintage themed weddings as well.

blush laser cut wedding invitation dusty blue theme wedding invitation

Your wedding invitation should be the first hint at your overall wedding theme. Follow these easy steps to create a beautiful invitation that will match your special day.

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