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April 24, 2018

3 Ways to Set A Creative Table Place Setting

By: Kristina Phelan

The wedding ceremony is over and it is time to party! Welcome your guests to your reception by creating a special table spot just for them. Check out these 3 ways to set a creative place setting for your valued wedding guests:

rustic wedding table setting elegant wedding table scape

Make It Pretty

You want your guests to feel honored when they sit down at your reception. Making the place setting pretty will show guests that you value their attendance. Even simple weddings with lower budgets can still have appealing place settings that don’t include a lot. Consider wrapping the silverware with a ribbon or scatter a few rose petals around the table. Creating a beautiful place setting is important in showing appreciation to your guests.

candlesticks wedding table airy classy wedding table setting

Leave a Note

Wedding receptions are busy and you may not get enough time to talk to everyone. Put a note at each place setting that tells your guest how much you appreciate their presence. Make it as formal or as funny as you want but make sure that the guest feels that you are talking just to them. Leaving a note can still be done if you don’t have a seating chart as well. Connect with your guests through this note at a very minimum during the reception.

wedding dinner thank you note wedding thank you

Showcase the Napkin

Choosing a napkin that corresponds to your wedding colors can provide a punch of color to a place setting. Have the napkin folded in a fancy way that sits on top of the plates. Consider wrapping the silverware with the napkin to form a pocket. An even easier idea is to place the middle of the napkin inside the water goblet for instant beauty. There are so many ways to display a napkin that will add interest to a beautiful place setting.

wedding menu custom wedding napkin

The place settings at your wedding reception can be simple or elaborate. Making sure that your guests feel honored with a well thought out place setting is important. Follow these 3 easy steps to thank the special guests who will attend your wedding.

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