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February 2, 2020

2019 Year in Review and Plans for 2020

I am totally one of those people that look at the new year as a fresh start and the perfect time to set measure-able goals. Cliche, I know – but I am a goal setting junkie. Do I always fulfill these goals? No, lol but I thrive with accountability being able to track “accomplishments”. I am the person that writes things on her to-do list that I just completed, just so I can cross them off. That being said, looking back at the goals I set for last year is kind of comical. I pulled out my Cultivate What Matters planner that I usually quit using about March and read through it.

Here were some of my 2019 goals:

  • Establish a morning routine
  • Generate 8k of profitable income Jan-March, 12k April-July, and at least 6k August-December
  • Read one fiction & one non-fiction book a month
  • Volunteer 1x a week
  • Sleep with my phone out of the bedroom
  • Launch a semi-custom collection
  • Get pregnant
  • Workout 3x a week
  • Love on my friendships, and let the flakey ones fall out
  • Eat out less
  • Have a completely toxic-free bathroom by the end of the year

I started the year off strong, like always. I worked diligently at keeping a morning routine with a ‘sacred hour’ without touching my phone, reading and practicing a new skin-care routine that had 0 chemicals in it. I was going to the gym randomly, and already getting burnt out with my ‘personal’ goals by January. I didn’t realize this at the time, though.

What I failed at:

This seems harsh, saying I failed at the following things. But, these are the things on my list that simply didn’t happen. Whether it was the way I wanted them to, or at all – they just didn’t work. I didn’t volunteer at all, let alone one time a week. I didn’t launch a semi-custom collection for Unica. I started cleaning out my bathroom but by the end of the year threw in the towel with my hair care products.

The result? I have never been happier in my life.

The Wins of 2019:

Even though I didn’t get everything accomplished that I thought I wanted at the beginning of 2019, I ended up with so much more.

Rosch’s Room was born

I always thought going the ‘digital route’ in my space would be a total sell-out move. It would force me to put price points on my work that was so low, that it would completely wreck what I’ve built here with Unica. At least that’s what I thought.

I was wrong. Rosch’s Room helped me accomplish my income goals, change my entire projection for the next five years, opened up time in my life and gave me creative freedom that I was craving. Having the Etsy shop will allow me to spend more time with my baby come May, and adds another funnel of money that I didn’t have before.

So, what about the sell-out aspect? It’s a different audience – period. The person looking to DIY their kids’ birthday party isn’t the same person looking for high quality wedding invitations. The materials and labor that goes behind Unica is still above and beyond anything you could ever find at your local print shop with a DIY design. We’ve spent the last 3.5 years sourcing the best products for our wedding clients, and will continue to produce top-notch work for them. But when they want to plan their sister’s baby shower the following year, I can save them money by directing them to my editable templates on Etsy. It just works.

Working Out 3x a week

It started off rough, trying to force a workout regime I thought would work. It didn’t. I went to the gym randomly, and was always hard on myself when I didn’t commit to the way I thought was “good enough”. By March, I started going to fitness classes at my local gym and really liked them. I worked out 5-6 days a week, made new friends and actually enjoyed myself. Not only that; but I didn’t feel the pressure or burden that I used to with working out. In college I worked out all the time and loved the way it made me feel. I finally felt like I was back in that space mentally. I wanted to workout, it wasn’t something I felt like I ‘had’ to do.

This lasted until I was 7 weeks pregnant and had a little bit of a health ‘scare’. I have gotten everything checked out and have been cleared to workout ‘lightly’ for the remainder of my pregnancy. I’ve gone a couple times, but I know I am not in the right mental state for it and I’m giving myself a break. Rather than being hard on myself and feeling like crap because I can’t commit to 5x a week or go as hard as I was pre-pregnancy, I am just trying to be easy on myself, for once. I go to the gym when I feel like I have time, and let that be it. I’ll get back to a healthy gym relationship when I’m ready.

Sleeping with my phone out of the room

This was super easy for the first few months of the year. I simply put my phone downstairs and it really did give me more time to read, spend time with Charlie, and not fill my mornings with social media. After awhile, I moved the phone back into the room, just not in reaching distance from the bed. I said this was because I get scared at our house in the dark mornings (which is true). Buuuuut I found myself grabbing my phone, laying back down and scrolling on Instagram for an hour before getting up. Yuck.

So why am I considering this a win? I got back to it, and made an even loftier goal for 2020 regarding my phone that I will share below. It allowed me to see how much better off I was when I was following this & it improved my entire life. I wrote about breaking up with Instagram earlier in the year and how it changed everything.

So, what are my goals for 2020?

I’m keeping everything a bit more open-ended this year. With the arrival of our baby in May, I know everything is going to completely change, so why add pressure to it? I didn’t buy a goal-setting planner, but I did write down some ideas in my journal at the beginning of the year. They are less measure-able, and I am okay with that.

Re-frame My Time

I have set a time limit on my cell phone for social media. 10 minutes a day Monday-Saturday, and unlimited Sundays. Once I hit the 10 minute mark, my phone blocks me. I move on. I’m only 20 or so days in, but it’s working. I don’t miss it. P.S. that’s why these posts and all my IG activity is now on Sundays. And if I’m being transparent, I prewrote my IG posts, stories, and blog posts weeks before they are going live, all on the computer. I want to cut my phone usage as a whole from about 7 hours a day (*gasp*, I know) to less than 2 by the end of the year.

Giving up screen time will (and has) allowed me to read a lot more, prepare for this baby by building their nursery, completely reorganize every inch of our home, see friends more often, get a hold on our budget and plan better date nights with my husband. In 20 days. If all of this can happen in less than a month, I cannot fathom ever going back to the over-phone usage.

Overall, my plan is to take every day in, as is. Not put ridiculous expectations on myself, and give myself the freedom I’ve worked for the last 3.5 years building this business. Love myself and this baby. Appreciate our home and my selfless husband. Take my dogs on more walks, and be a better friend and daughter. Cheers to 2020* I’m so ready for you!

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