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Wedding Spotlight

September 13, 2017

Wedding Spotlight: Luke and Tara

forest bride and groom shot


Bride’s Names, Age, Job and where she lives:

Tara Switalski
Nursing Student
Watertown, Wisconsin

 Groom’s Name, Age, Job and where he lives:

Luke Switalski
Badass Police Officer
Watertown, Wisconsin

bride and groom close up dancing

wedding gown twirl

How you two met:
Luke’s Version

It was our first day of our Freshman year of college. I was sitting in dorm room with my roommate Dan. So I asked Dan if he wanted to go to the freshman dance and we decided to go.

I remember being close to the DJ booth and catching a glimpse of a girl and kept trying to look over my shoulder at her and remember saying to my friend Dan let’s go dance over by that girl. Well that girl I was talking about was Tara. Tara’s was there with her friend Libby. I kept dancing and then they began to talk to us. Tara’s and I began to talk and I couldn’t believe how much we had in common. Tara and Libby left and I remember going to bed that night thinking that Tara seemed so perfect.

Finally on the night of October 29, 2010 I decided I had waited enough. That night we were going to costume parties. Some how while standing in the front of my dorm ingot the courage to ask Tara. I grabbed her hands and told her how much I liked her. Tara said yes to dating me. The rest is history.

neutral wedding tablescape

acrylic wedding sign

bride and groom kiss

groomsmen on a pier

Style of the wedding: Classy
Colors:  Marsala and Navy
Theme: Industrial-Vintage Chic

Ceremony Site:  Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church
Reception Site: Terrace 167
Stationery: Unica Forma
Photographer: Dory Tuohey
Videographer: Jonah Jahns
Consultant: Myself and my girls
Flowers:Wood Violet
Gown: Amelishan Bridal
Hair: Smash by Amy
Make-Up: Megan Holstine
Veil: Linda O’Connor
Shoes: DSW
Engagement & Wedding Rings: Kessler’s Jewelers
Jewelry: Nordstrom
Bridesmaids Dresses: David’s Bridal
Menswear: Amelishan Bridal
Rentals: Amelishan Bridal
Catering: Saz’s Catering
Cake: The Gingerbread House- Muskego, WI
Desserts: Cranky Al’s Donuts
Music/DJ: Aaron Jai
Guests: Family and Friends
Budget: 25,000

What was your favorite part of the day?

Being able to see everything put together, and seeing my vision come to life.  Also, being able to spend the day with family and friends from afar.  It was such a joyous, memorable moment that Luke and I will never forget.

Is there anything that you would change looking back on it?

Well I wish that I wouldn’t have cried so much

What advice would you give to new brides?

Enjoy every moment.  Remember that it only happens once.  Also, don’t get suckered into Pinterest.  I had a lot of Pinterest attempts and fails 😉

Anything else you want to share? We want to hear everything!

It was the best day of my life. I wouldn’t change it for the world. Next step, finishing college and having lots of babies! 

dad and daughter wedding dance

father of the bride speech

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