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November 9, 2017

How To Determine Your Stationery Style

simple black and white wedding invitations

Wedding stationery is a huge part of wedding planning. Your Save the Dates and Invitations are the first glimpse your friends and family get to see of your big day to come. You want to make sure it represents you as a couple and leave an impression about what to expect, but also get everyone excited for the event! Spending time searching the internet for stationery inspiration is usually very helpful to both you and the designer to figure out what kind of vibe you’re going for, but sometimes trying to re-create invitations doesn’t come to life the way you envisioned, so we’re here to help! Here are a few things to consider when its time for you to start designing your wedding invitations!

black and white floral wedding invitations

Wedding Style

One of the first things you’ll want to think about is the style of your wedding. Most people want their invitations to match the theme or style of their wedding and there are a couple different ways you can do this. The most obvious ways would be through  wedding colors. Do you want your wedding stationery to match with the colors and accents you’ve decided on for the décor and dresses? Or would you prefer invitations that are more simple, neutral and very few colors? Is your wedding going to be more of a laid back, casual gathering or more of a black tie formal event? These types of details can really help nail down the basics of you wedding suite!


How much information do you need on the invitation itself? Think of both information wise, and visually. The more information, generally, the more wordy and crowded the invitation may look. Or would you prefer the invites to have a cleaner, minimalistic look? The advantage of giving more information is the less confusion and questions your guest will come to you for!  But if you want to stick to a certain aesthetic consider using a wedding website or details cards to get more information to everyone!

floral burgundy wedding invitations

elegant black tie wedding invitations


How your invitations are presented to your guests is all apart of the package. Do you want your wedding suite to include a presentation element like a laser cut pocket folds? Or would you prefer just cards wrapped in a belly band? Do you want hand addressing and a wax sealer to take the envelope to the next level, or something simple like an envelope liner? Consider any of these options to for your suite as well!

Paper and Printing

Despite what you may think, there are hundreds of different types of paper you can choose from. You can choose from colors, like wedding white, ivory, eggshell, to textures and weight. With a luxurious, heavy weighted paper you set the tone for your guests immeditaly.

navy and marsala geometric wedding invitations

There are a variety of different printing methods to consider. Flat printing is the most common and most budget-friendly option. The printer uses thousands of tiny ink dots to form letters and designs on the paper to present your custom design.

Thermography is the next tier up when it comes to different printing methods. It’s virtually indistinguishable from engraving, except that the lettering is slightly shiny and the back of the invitation remains smooth rather than imprinted. Similarly to engraving, thermography has a formal look but doesn’t have the hefty price tag.

There is also letterpress and foiling to consider. Letterpress is a type of printing style that creates a raised surface wherever the ink if placed. So you can run your fingers of the words, and feel them on the paper. Foiling is a process that is made with a metal plate to press foil sheets to the paper. Where you would have ink, instead you have this foiling!

Engraving is the most luxurious printing method out there (and has a price tag to match!) The letters are raised on the front and bruised (aka, indented) on the back of the card. Engraving is the perfect option for an ultra-formal affair.

Fonts styles are just as important to an invitation than the design itself, and can easily make or break an invitation. This again ties into the wedding style and theme you are going for. A fairy-tale wedding with bold block font, isn’t going to suite the theme. Do you like calligraphy vs a modern type? Do you prefer tall and skinny fonts or more blocky and bold? There is no right or wrong answer to any of these questions, just a few options to consider during your designing process!

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