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November 6, 2017

What Is Your Role As A Bridesmaid?

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Maid of honor:

Keep the other bridesmaids organized

It’s hard enough to plan a wedding, but having to keep your group of girls on track and on task can be a whole other challenge! Everyone has a different schedule and life of their own so help the bride keep them in line by updating everyone in a timely manner about upcoming events and dates!

Prepare a toast

Whether the speeches happen during the rehearsal or the reception, its your job to say a few words about the new couple. It can be light and fun, or more on the sentimental side. My best advice would be to go with what feels right and speaks best to your relationship with the bride and groom.

Plan and host the bridal shower/bachelorette party

The maid of honor is in charge of implementing both the bachelorette and bridal shower! Every team needs a coach, so think of that as your job! You can feed off each other for ideas, activities and themes but you are the one that has to put everything into play! During these parties, don’t forget to keep a list of who gave what gifts! Its going to be extremely helpful for the bride when its time to write thank you cards!

Learn how to bustle the dress

Support in the dressing rooms is very important, so as the maid of honor you want to attend as many (if not all) dress fittings and alterations as possible! While you’re there make sure to become friends with the seamstress and have her teach you how to fasten the bustle. By the last fitting you should be confident you can help your bride stay comfortable during all the dancing and hugs during the reception!

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Be a sounding board for the bride

Merging two families into one can be stressful to say the least. Be a friend because there are bound to be problems or set backs along the way. Let her vent when issues arise and remind her that all her hard work will be worth it when the big day arrives!


Make it a group effort

Weddings take a lot of time, energy and money to plan so offering any general help during the wedding process is really important. She will want your input on some deciding factors, especially ones that involve you! Offer your opinion, but keep in mind this is her wedding, and she has the final say. Keep her calm by being another set of eyes and ears for her throughout this big step in her life!

Pay for own dress, hair, and any accessories

Be prepared to pick up the tab for some of these basic necessities of being a bridesmaid. That includes your bridesmaid dress, shoes, hair, makeup, etc. Of course this isn’t always the case, but I’d rather be prepared to pay, than surprised with the bill!

Attend the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner

As a part of the bridal party you’re expected to be there for these activities. Consider this a practice round for the big day. You’ll all need to know where to stand, when to walk, and just overall know what to do during the ceremony. This is usually the last chance for everyone to relax and have a good time before the big day!

Buy a gift

Its expected for you to get the happy couple a gift for their wedding, even though you may feel like you’ve done enough already. You signed up for the job so everything you’ve done up to this point, is appreciated but still pretty standard. Your gift is the chance to put the cherry on top! You could even consider pulling all the bridesmaids together for one big gift!

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All photos belong to SambaJoy Photography

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