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November 10, 2016

7 Tips For Stress Free Wedding Planning

bride and groom send off

Its no surprise that planning a wedding is stressful. It can consume your life from anywhere to a couple months to over a year! Two families are combining and everyone wants their opinion heard so its no wonder people lose sight of the real purpose of their engagement.  Couples put their heart and soul into making this day perfect, so here a few quick tips to ensure your planning process stays stress free.

1.Start with your guest list

You’re engaged! Now what? Usually the first thing on the list is to decide on the right date, or maybe lock down a venue for the ceremony. While those are among some of the most important decisions, it may not be the first box to check off on your to-do list. Although its not the most exciting start of your planning, locking down the guest list will make you ahead of the game. The budget, the size of the venue and even catering all depends on how many guests will be attending. You don’t want to fall in love with a venue that can only fit 100 people and then be stuck arguing over which distance uncle or cousin you have to un-invite.

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fashion bride

2. Don’t spend your entire dress budget on JUST the dress

The dress is such a big moment for any bride. Its meant to be this magical day spend with your closest friends and family all working together to make sure you find the perfect dress. But before you tell the consultant your budget, keep in mind there are extra expenses that could come up. The most obvious one is the alterations. If you put on a dress that fits like a glove, and needs no other alterations, you are one lucky lady! But for the rest of us, alterations can cost a least a couple hundred dollars. Of course you’ll need a great pair of shoes and depending on your style, a veil and hair accessories could be apart of your ensemble as well. All those little accessories can add up so don’t forget to add those into your budget!

3. DIY everything

The DIY trend has been around for quite some time, especially for weddings. Its a great way to cut costs for one the most expensive celebrations youll have. So what’s not to love? As great as DIY sounds in theory, it can add more stress to your already busy life, that sometimes isn’t worth what you would save in the end. Having a realistic plan of only a couple smaller projects will save you frustration in the end. As for couples on a smaller budget, plan a Pinterest party with your bridesmaids to get the more tedious project out of the way.

sad balloon

4. Not having a rain plan

Rain on your wedding day. Some say its good luck, but lets be honest its not the most ideal weather for your big day. Outside weddings can be beautiful but mother nature can be unpredictable, and the last thing you want to ruin all your hard work is a little water. If your venue doesn’t have a rainy day plan, it doesn’t hurt to look into renting a tent. However, if its peak wedding season don’t wait too long because they can book up quick!

5. Makeup mishaps

The morning of your wedding day has arrived and the first thing on the agenda is getting hair and makeup started. No matter how many people are in your wedding party, the primping is going to take hours to make sure everyone looks great. Its assumed the bride should go last to make sure her makeup will last the longest, but that might not be such a good idea. The average bridal party has anywhere between 3-6 people, which is a lot of eyes to line and bobby pins to secure. Its much easier to switch up a look for a bridesmaid than rushing to finish our main girl. Make sure to go somewhere in the middle of the line to avoid being late to your own wedding!

makeup pile

6. Don’t over share

This is going to be a hard one. You’re so excited to be getting married that you want to share your joy with everyone. The problem with sharing all your plans is you’re going to get an opinion from everyone. For those with thick skin, this may not even be a problem, but it can cause unnecessary drama for others. Stick to your closest confidante and maybe skip those co-workers that may not be as sensitive through the planning process. Also keep in mind the less you share, the more impact it will have on the guests!

cream wedding bouquet

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7. Stop worrying

You’ve reached the finish line and by this time you should let go. You have a whole team behind you ready to take on anything that needs done. If the forks are put on the wrong side of the table, its not going to be the end of the world. Don’t let the little stuff get in the way of your big day. You deserve to have fun with your new partner in crime!

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