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August 7, 2018

11 Things To Avoid Doing As A Wedding Guest

wedding guests

Whether your a first timer to a wedding, or a seasoned pro, it might be time for a little refresher on the do’s and dont’s of being a wedding guest.

Don’t texting the couple with questions leading up to the big day

Theres a reason couples make wedding websites! It should have all the information you need. And if it doesn’t, or they don’t have a wedding website, ask the maid of honor, bridesmaid, or anyone else close to the couple. They will be busy enough the week of the wedding without answering individual questions from their guests.

Don’t wear white

This one should be self explanatory. Don’t upstage the bride on her own wedding day!! If you feel compelled to do this then maybe just stay at home.

Don’t complain

No matter if its about the music, food, other guests, its not a good look. The new couple has spent months to years planning this event, don’t rain on their parade.

Don’t use your phone during the ceremony

Obviously don’t make a phone call while the bride and groom are in the middle of their vows. But it also can be impolite to record the entirety of the ceremony. We’ve seen an influx in couples asking for their guests not to bring their phones at all. Many times the bride and groom want control of whats being put on social media first, and not a fuzzy, dim light, shot your drunk cousin took. 

Don’t show up late

Again, this should be pretty obvious. Just give yourself extra time on the road so you aren’t the one busting into the church in the middle of the ceremony.

Don’t make an impromptu speech

I can understand the sentiment behind this gesture, but if you weren’t invited to make a speech, don’t do it. However if the bride and groom open up the floor for people to say a few words, you’re in the clear!

Don’t offer your opinions of marriage

Someone else’s wedding is not the time nor place for you to dissect the concept of marriage. Two people have found love and want to be surrounded and celebrated with just that. Keep that conversation for another day.

Don’t get trashed

Everyone loves an open bar, but just because you have access to unlimited booze, doesn’t mean you should drink yourself into a coma. Definitely indulge but give yourself a boundary. You want to be able to look back on your friends wedding with some memory of it!

Don’t get to0 friendly on the dance floor 

Keep in mind the company you’re in. Its probably not appropriate for a bump and grind session in front of grandma and the kids!

Don’t hog the couple time

Although you’re here for them, so is everyone else! You’ll have your chance to interact but use this night as an opportunity to make new friends, or get to know their family a little better!

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